DDD Scotland returns

DDD ScotlandDDD Scotland, the free community conference, is returning on 14th May 2016 in Edinburgh.

Developer! Developer! Developer! events are founded on a number of principles which makes it unique and well worth a single day of your time.

DDD events are free. It doesn’t cost you anything to attend.

It’s on a Saturday. That means for the majority of software developers there is no need to get time off work. For contracters/freelancers it is unlikely to impact billable hours.

Speakers from the community. We invite people that have something to say, a story to tell, or an experience to learn from. The majority of these people are real day-to-day software developers, DBAs, and so on that actually work and face the reality of their craft each day.

DDD events are democratic. All the sessions are voted in by the community, so we only put on what people have asked to see.

No Marketing. The core philosophy for the sessions are that they contain useful information. Stuff that you can either take back and start using the next day or (if not yet available) to start planning how to move to that technology.

To paraphrase the Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, DDD Scotland is OF the developer community, BY the developer community and FOR the developer community.

Call for speakers now open!

If you are interested in speaking at DDD Scotland, then head on over to the site, sign in and create a speaker profile and submit the talk(s) you’re interested in presenting. The call for speakers remains open until the end of February. After that the submitted talks go to the vote and the community decides what it wants to see.

Announcing DunDDD 2013

DDD ScotlandScottish Developers are pleased to announce that DunDDD 2013 will take place on Saturday 23rd November in the Queen Mother Building of the University of Dundee.


This will be the 3rd DunDDD built on the popular foundation of the Developer! Developer! Developer! conference series which has spread to all corners of the UK and the international arena.  DDD conferences are community-run days where passionate and enthusiastic people come together to learn, share ideas, and to network within the many hubs of the development community. Best of all DDD events are free to everyone.

This year DunDDD will be featuring an entire track dedicated to Data Science.

Call for speakers

We are looking for sessions relating to all aspects of development from the code and technology level through to methodology and theory. DDD conferences are about sharing experience regardless of skill level so even if you have never spoken publicly before, are still studying at college or university and if you feel you have something to say, we would love to hear from you.

Sessions should be no more than an hour in length. Although we do recommend that you plan for at least 10 minutes of questions or discussion.

You can submit your sessions through our website at http://dun.dddscotland.com. Please feel free to submit more than one as we would love to see a wide variety of topics.

For more information as well as further updates, keep an eye on our blog or follow us on twitter – https://twitter.com/scottishdevs

DDD returns to Scotland

DDD returns to Scotland with DunDDD (in Dundee) on the 17th November. We’ve got 4 tracks totalling 20 sessions held at the University of Dundee.

The call for speakers is now open, so if you are interested in speaking now is the time to submit your sessions.

For full information and to submit your proposed session(s) head over to the DunDD website: http://dun.dddscotland.co.uk/

DunDDD – Bringing a DDD Conference to Dundee!

DDD ScotlandThe Developer! Developer! Developer! series of conferences has gone from strength to strength. This year saw DDD North added to the lineup to join Belfast, South West and of course Scotland as regional events taking place through out the year after DDD 9 in January.

Scottish Developers have teamed up with the people who brought you the NoSQL Autumn Conference last year and are proud to be bringing another DDD north of the border, to Dundee!

DunDDD is a 3-track, 15-session FREE conference that will take place on Saturday 19th November 2011 at the Queen Mother Building in the University of Dundee. There is an entire track dedicated to NoSQL and Big Data, a track deddicated to The Web and Web Technologies and a general track that isn’t based (too heavily) on any single platform, language or framework.

This is a fantastic opportunity to network with local developers from all across Scotland, learn some new tricks or even revisit some old ones. Spaces are limited so get registered before you miss out!


DDD Scotland Session Follow Up

Here are the sessions from DDD Scotland 2011 and links off to the various speakers’ presentations or follow up blog posts.

Track A

  • Creating your Own Software Company: A Survival Guide (Kendall Miller)
    Blog post containing follow up and slide deck.
  • Asymptotics and Algorithms – What You’ve Forgotten Since University (Gary Short)
  • Making Crap Code Better – Real world Coding Standards (Phil Winstanley)
  • Is your code S.O.L.I.D ? (Nathan Gloyn)
  • Functional Alchemy: Tricks to keep your C# DRY (Mark Rendle)

Track B

Track C

  • Introduction to Android Development using Monodroid (Chris Canal)
  • Building seriously scalable websites with ASP.NET with and without Windows (Chris Hay)
  • Don’t Make Me Wait – Faster Websites 101 (Duncan McDougall)
  • Real World SLUT (Silverlight Unit Testing) (Daniel May)
  • Produce Cleaner Code with Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) (Gael Fraiteur)

Track D

Track E

  • CQRS and Friends: Possibly distributed systems, intentionally. (Andrea Magnorsky)
    Slide Deck.
  • Caliburn.Micro: Painless MVVM apps for Silverlight and WPF (Barry Carr)
  • Behavioural Driven Development (BDD) with F# (Phillip Trelford)
    Blog post giving slide deck, code examples and event overview.
  • Building composite applications with Open frameworks (Sebastien Lambla)
  • Rewriting software is the single worst mistake you can make – apparently. (Phil Collins)

Track F

  • Professional Development (Open Discussion)
    Mind Map.
  • Agile Is Dead (Open Discussion)
    Mind Map (scroll down past Professional Development).
  • How to manage your manager (Mark Rendle)
  • Beyond Hackdays/Weekends: Finding Problems To Solve (Glen Mehn)
  • Ask The Speakers (Panel Discussion)

DevExpress Sponsor DDD Scotland 2011

We would like to thank DevExpress for their support as a sponsor for DDD Scotland 2011

DX_Logo_250We are lucky to have a string of great opportunities for UK developers to meet and share their experiences through the DDD events, and DDD Scotland is no exception.

The team at DevExpress hopes that the caffeinated refreshments will help to keep you on tip-top form and get the most out of your day.

Save time and money with high quality pre-built components for ASP.NET, WinForms, WPF and Silverlight as well as Business Application Frameworks and our award-winning Visual Studio plug-in, CodeRush. Our technologies help you build your best, see complex software with greater clarity, increase your productivity and create stunning applications for Windows and Web in the shortest possible time.

Learn more at www.devexpress.com.

DDD Scotland 2011 – Alternative Track

DDD Scotland This year, DDD Scotland has more rooms available and that has allowed us a larger number of delegates through the doors and of course more sessions. We spent a bit of time thinking about what we wanted to do with the 6th and final room. We could have packed in even more stand-alone sessions but we figured, you have so many of them to choose from, why not do something different?

The “Alt” track is a collection of sessions that offer something different which focus on interaction between delegates, sharing of ideas and experiences and a chance to find answers to questions the other sessions just don’t cover. In other words, Track F is proud to be different!

The now complete agenda can be found at

The agenda for “Alt” Track F is as follows

9:30: Professional Development
(Open Discussion)

An open discussion about how developers can be professional inside the constraints of management or environment. Examples of questions for this discussion could be

  • What obstacles do developers feel they face in regards to adoption of technologies and techniques?
  • How have these been overcome?
  • How can productivity and morale be improved or maintained?

10:40: Agile is Dead
(Open Discussion)

Based on a discussion at QCon around the 10th anniversary of Agile and whether or not “Agile” actually means anything anymore. This discussion opens the floor to delegates to chat about the current state of Agile in software development.

12:00: How To Manage Your Manager
(Mark Rendle)

Developers and managers generally don’t understand each other. Developers know the arcane languages of machines and are motivated by inexplicable forces. Managers seem to spend half their time in meetings and the other half emailing each other Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. The result is that both sides end up frustrated, feeling that the other is stopping them from doing their job to the best of their ability.

  • In this talk, Mark will share some of the things he has learned in 20 years of being managed, including:
  • How to get the PC you want, with the two big monitors and a decent CPU.
  • Also, how to get extra software, training, and even sent to conferences.
  • How to adopt best practices, like TDD, pairing and daily stand-ups even though your manager doesn’t know what they are, and probably doesn’t care.
  • How to earn the respect of people who seem to actively like wearing suits.
  • Maybe, possibly, how to respect them just a little bit.

14:30: Beyond Hackdays/Weekends: Finding Problems To Solve
(Glen Mehn)

Social Innovation camp is a Launchpad and Accelerator for web- and mobile-based social ventures. In this interactive session, we’ll talk a little bit about how Social Innovation Camps work, and work through one of our “itch workshops”, which is a slightly different & useful way to think about problems and iterate towards solutions.

15:40: Ask The Speakers
(Panel Discussion)

A panel of speakers will be taking questions from delegates on any software development related subject that happens to be up for discussion.


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