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First I’d like to wish you all a very happy new year. I hope that 2009 is good to you.

With the economy not at its best right now, it becomes even more of an imperative that you keep your skills up-to-date. We have been working to get some events lined up for you for the new year and I hope our initial selection is to your liking. Even if the technologies and tools being demonstrated aren’t things you are needing right now, or think you might need in the near future, the winds can change dramatically in the current climate and you may find that the knowledge you gain at one of our events puts you at an advantage.

We are always keen to find out what you want, so if you have any suggestions then please let us know. You can email event suggestions to

The organisation of Developer Day Scotland 2 is progressing. It will be on Saturday, 2nd May 2009. The call for speakers is now open. We’ll be opening the sessions up for voting in February.

Did you know we have discussion group on Google? You can find it here: It is quite low traffic so it won’t fill your inbox. We’ll also upload files and slide-decks from events there from time-to-time.

As always, we are on the look out for new speakers. If you would like the opportunity to do a presentation on a software development topic from 10 minutes to 90 minutes then get in touch with me at

Colin Mackay, Chairman, Scottish Developers


13-January-2009 @ 18:30 in Glasgow (Scottish Developers)
FREE – Registration Required

In this talk Chris Canal will introduce you to NHibernate.

14-January-2009 @ 18:30 in Edinburgh (BCS)
A Revival of Data Dependencies for Improving Data Quality
FREE – Registration Required

Recent statistics reveal that 1%-5% of real-world data in enterprises is dirty: inconsistent, inaccurate, incomplete and/or stale. This talk presents a recent approach for detecting and repairing real-life dirty data. It is based on conditional dependencies, a revision of database dependencies by enforcing bindings of semantically related data values.

15-January-2009 @ 18:00 in Dundee (Linux Society)
Cost Unknown

Andrzej Hajto has been a pasionate slackware user for awhile, his talk will encompass his experience of using Slackware and how other users may get inspired to start using it.

29-January-2009 @ 18:30 in Edinburgh (SQL Server UG)
Upgrading to SQL Server 2008
Registration Required – FREE

Three sessions in one evening:
Upgrading to SQL Server 2008 – Rob Carrol; Resource Governor: the demo – Martin Bell; SQL Nuggets – Bring along a tip that you can share with the group and we will give you 5 minutes to present this to the group.

10-February-2009 @ 18:30 in Glasgow (Scottish Developers)
Introducing OpenXML
Registration Optional – Cost FREE

With the release of Office 2007, Microsoft moved their document formats over to XML-based formats. This text-based format has many advantages, including, but not limited to readability, good compression and ease of reconstruction. Over the course of 60-75 minutes Craig will introduce OpenXML and will demonstrate how he is incorporating it into one of his line-of-business applications. Code examples will be written using C#.

19-March-2009 @ 18:30 in Glasgow (Scottish Developers)
Inversion of Control and Testability
Registration Optional – Cost FREE

The architectural design pattern, Inversion of control (IOC) at last appears to be gaining some momentum in the .NET mainstream. Frameworks such as Castle Windsor, Autofac, Structuremap and Spring have given rise to the .NET IOC (inversion of control) container. This talk aims to convince that side effects of both designing for testability and the use of an inversion of control container can lead to more maintainable software, cleaner code and push architects towards good design principles such as ‘separation of concerns’ (SOC).

8-April-2009 @ 19:00 in Edinburgh (Scottish Developers)
jQuery – An introduction
Registration Required – Cost FREE

In this session I will introduce you to the basics of jQuery, showing you, through code, how to select and manipulate elements on the page, attach functions to events, implement ajax and more! This is the perfect opportunity to learn about jQuery and how it can make the life of web developer so much easier, allowing you to focus more on building your application!

Further Afield

  DevWeek 2009 (London)
  SQL Bits IV (Manchester)

  DDD Ireland (Belfast) [tbc]

  Developer Day Scotland 2 (Glasgow)
  DDD South West (Exeter) [tbc]

Sponsor’s Message

23-27 March, LondonDevWeek 2009
23-27 March
Barbican Centre, London

DevWeek is the UK’s biggest conference for software developers, IT architects and DBAs, and the 12th annual event takes place in London at the end of March.

The main three-day conference features eight concurrent tracks, and there’s also a wide choice of pre- and post-conference workshops, which can be booked in addition to or separately from the main event.

Session and workshop topics include Visual Studio 2010, Ruby on Rails, .NET Framework 4.0, Cloud Computing, SQL Server 2008, Enterprise Design Patterns, Silverlight 2, Productive Programming, ASP.NET AJAX 4.0, Architecture Awareness, LINQ, and Code Metrics.

If you book your place by 27th February you can save up to £200.


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