Scottish Developers April Newsletter


Developer Day Scotland - 2nd May 2009Developer Day Scotland 2009 is almost full, so if you have not taken the opportunity then have a look at what is on offer and if you like what you see then register as a delegate. It is an excellent opportunity to find out about many new technologies, refine your understanding of some existing technologies and keep up with best practice. As with last year SQL Bits are sponsoring a track so there is something for SQL Server DBAs and SQL Developers too.

This week Martin Bell and Satya SK Jayanty will be talking about various aspects of SQL Server DBA to Developer. Next month we are re-running Michael Brigg’s session on Search Engine Optimisation in Glasgow.

Sod This - Braim Burps for the Tech SavvyOliver Sturm and Gary Short have recently started their new podcast, called Sod This, and it’s here: Sod This is a mixture of two rather technical people having a chat, discussions about relevant or not so relevant technology, programming questions and sock monsters, and interviews that Oliver and Gary record with people they meet at the events they attend around the world. It doesn’t have a fixed length and they don’t tell how often new episodes become available, so you’ll just have to go to the web site and check it out! [Advisory: Some content contains adult themes.]

Colin Mackay, Chairman, Scottish Developers


14-April-2009 @ 18:30 in Glasgow (Scottish Developers & SQL Server UG)
Two DBAs walk into a room full of developers…
Registration Optional – Cost FREE

15-April-2009 @ 20:00 in Edinburgh (BCS)
A Gentle Introduction to Climate Modelling, Observing and Projections
Registration Required – Cost £4 to £6

29-April-2009 @ 19:00 in Edinburgh (Java UG Scotland)
A Gentle Introduction to Rich Internet Applications with Flex
Registration Unknown – Cost Unknown

2-May-2009 @ 09:00 in Glasgow (DDD)
Developer Day Scotland 2009
Registration Required – Cost FREE

12-May-2009 @ 18:30 in Glasgow (Scottish Developers)
An Insight into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Magic
Registration Optional – Cost FREE

Further Afield

WebDD ’09 (Reading)
ALT.NET North (Bradford)
ACCU 2009 Conference (Oxford)
International Cloud Computing Conference (London)

Developer Day Scotland 2 (Glasgow)
DDD South West (Taunton)


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I blog at I also talk at software development conferences.

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