Developer Day Scotland: Survey

Map of the distribution of attendees at Developer Day ScotlandWhen we asked people to register for Developer Day Scotland 2009 we also asked some basic demographic information to get a better idea of who was coming to the event.

On the day we had 176 people turn up out of 260 that signed up, this was up 29% on last year. Next year we hope to be get about 200 delegates on the day.

The drop out rate was fairly consistent with last year with 32% of those registering dropping out on the day. This drop out rate does not include those who informed us at least 24 hours in advance as we managed to re-allocate their ticket. Last year 31% dropped out on the day.

The map represents the location of the delegates who chose to tell us where they were coming form. As we would expect the vast majority of delegates are coming from central Scotland as that’s were the event was held. Still, we had folks travelling up from places like Bristol and London.

Of those that responded, 83% of delegates came from Scotland.


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