SQL Server UG meeting in Edinburgh

This just in from the SQL Server User Group:

Hopefully everyone who is coming to SQLBits will have recovered by next Thursday. I’ve decided to run a SQL Nugget competition so you can share any  nuggets you have picked up or know. The best one will get a prize. I’ve also decided to put together some observations gained for the news groups and show they are not just useful for posting when you have a problem.
Here is the full itinerary:

  • SQL Nuggets Competition
  • A look into the Newsgroups – Martin Bell

In this session I’ll look at using the newsgroup as source of information, inspiration and perspiration. How you can learn for the postings in newsgroup and forums, if you want to ask a question, the how, why and what to post and I’ll look at some of the posts and how to set about answering the questions.


18:30 – 19:00 – Introduction, Networking and Food
19:00 – 19:50 – SQL Nuggets competition
19:50 – 20:00 – Break
20:00 – 20:50 – A look into the newsgroup – Martin Bell
20:50 – 21:00 – Close


Microsoft Office at Waverley Gate
Registration will be necessary as I have to submit registrations to Microsoft on Thursday morning.


You can register here: http://www.sqlserverfaq.com/events/208/SQL-Server-Nuggets-and-a-look-into-the-Newsgroups.aspx


About Colin Angus Mackay
I blog at ColinMackay.scot. I also talk at software development conferences.

One Response to SQL Server UG meeting in Edinburgh

  1. Mike Perrin says:

    This is on Thursday 26th November, if anyone’s interested…

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