Rapid Quality Systems sponsor Developer Day Scotland

Scottish Developers are pleased to announce that we have signed up Rapid Quality Systems as a sponsor for DDD Scotland 2010:
Rapid Quality Systems

Code Rocket is an innovative new plugin for Visual Studio and Eclipse which reveals the inner workings of C#, Java, and C/C++ code. It makes documentation a seamlessly integrated part of the software development process, plugging directly into your development IDE with minimal overheads and delivering the following benefits:
Code Rocket

  • Design and visualization support for complex algorithms and business processes;
  • Visualizing test paths in complex methods;
  • Improved visibility of the detailed stages of software development, supporting review, QA, and project management.
  • Reviewing and agreeing functionality with non-programmers, e.g. during requirements gathering with customers;
  • Automated documentation generation at the touch of a button or as part of an automated build process;
  • Works out of the box with existing code, no additional markup required.

Code Rocket automatically generates and displays flowchart diagrams and pseudocode designs inside your IDE alongside your code. The designs are fully editable and fully synchronised with the code so that changes in either are automatically detected and reflected.

Code Rocket seamlessly integrates with existing tools and processes. Write your code the way you currently do and Code Rocket works its magic behind the scenes. Get your documentation and design support when you need it, and allow others to get it when they need it too: project managers, customers, and new team members who wish to explore your code and start contributing fast.

Find out more at:


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