Event in Edinburgh: Lean Startups

This just in from Agile Scotland:

We’re Back! Our next AgileScotland event takes place on the 18th April 2011 in Edinburgh at 19:30. The subject: Lean Startups.

Lean Startups are the hot new kids on the block – and like all the new hot things it is a ball of hype wrapped round a steely core of good practice.

Gordon Guthrie (CEO/CTO at Hypernumbers, formerly Chief Technical Architect at if.com, currently Convenor of the Scottish Lean Circle) will provide some perspective.

  • Lean Startups are a combination of influences:
  • Japanese quality management like the Toyota Production Systems
  • software development methodologies like Agile, Scrum and XP
  • theories of company building like 4 Steps To The Epiphany
  • practical experience
  • These have been synthesized to address a very specific problem: “I have an idea for a product – how to I get to having a sustainable repeatable business based on that without running out of money”

The evening is organized by Paul Wilson and generously sponsored by his company EdgeCase – providers of rapid sustainable development here in Edinburgh.

If you are interested in joining us then please email me at clarke.ching@gmail.com. I’ll book you a spot and send you location details.

Clarke Ching

The date has now moved to Monday 18th April. The above text has been amended to reflect this change.


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