C# Senior Developer in Edinburgh

This just in from MoneyDashboard

Money Dashboard is a Scottish start-up that develops consumer financial management software. After a product release in 2010, we are preparing an exciting new product launch.

We are recruiting for a talented and committed IT professional to join us and take a significant role in our technical development.

Based within our new Edinburgh City Centre office, we need someone who is currently (or has recently been) a high-quality developer specialising in C# .NET, but is interested in taking a less hands-on role and assisting the CTO in all aspects of IT management.

It will involve liaising with our outsourced Development Team, reviewing their code, and providing them with technical direction where appropriate. The role will also involve database management and extracting data using SQL. Experience of setting up Business Intelligence platforms would be valuable.

Working in a start-up company, there are almost no technical bounds on what the role might involve. At times you will be needed to manage the office infrastructure; at other times you might be helping to define long-term technical and product strategy.

This is a challenging but very interesting role. We require someone who is technically strong, and is prepared for the demands that working in a start-up requires.

Please send your CV and salary expectations to Stuart Cotterell, Chief Technology Officer, stuart.cotterell@moneydashboard.com


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