Talk in Glasgow : React.js

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We’ve got Chris Canal speaking in Glasgow on React.JS on the 25th November.

The Talk

ReactJs is the new hotness for creating maintainable, composable UIs. In the session, we will cover what ReactJS is, how it works, and what advantages to you have an .Net developer working with it. This session assumes you are comfortable with web technologies, most of the Gang of Four design patterns, and cursory knowledge of declarative functional coding.

The Speaker

Chris currently works as Platform Lead of an enterprise React app, and has 15 years experience as a full-stack Senior .Net Developer/Architect.

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Event in Glasgow: Your Agile Is Dead

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Sebastien Lambla will be talking to Scottish Developers on Monday 16th March. Details below.

The Talk

What could possibly go wrong when a Pole and a Frenchman enter an English office? Well, for a start you get servers called Churchill, Wałęsa and de Gaulle. In the presence of such characters it’s no wonder that a revolution was started. The country entered by the noble man was agile (with a capital A) and so were they (but not with the same a).

An autonomous collective of courageous and fearless geeks gathered along in a freshly created duchy of perpetually horded meeting rooms and joined forces into an unstoppable mob of programming.

Their sight: the land of agile orthodoxy. Their weapon: asking why (usually at least five times). Their plan: No Kan-, no -Ban, but a sacred map of all their capabilities and tasks, the Panopticon.

How many pits of success have they already conquered? Will their valiant march to sustainable delivery arrive at the pinnacle of realised business value?

The Speaker

Sebastien Lambla has been involved in software development since receiving his first web browser, back in the days of Netsape Navigator 1.2. After a few years of hacking on javascript, he turned his attention to the .net platform, on which he would spend the next few years building software in many companies. From 2006, Sebastien has been running Caffeine IT, a consultancy helping clients from all over Europe implement first-grade and innovative solutions. Keen Open-Source promoter, Sebastien has created multiple high-profile open-source projects that are in use in many Fortune 500 companies, including OpenRasta, at a time the most popular resource-oriented framework on .net. Long-time advocate of the ReST architectural style and resource-oriented computing, Sebastien has delivered over the years new platforms leveraging the architecture of the web, from small independents to Fortune 500s.

The agenda

18:30 : Doors open

19:00 : Introduction

19:05 : Your Agile is Dead

20:30 : Close

The venue

The talk will take places at Skyscanner’s offices in Glasgow.

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Slides from DunDDD 2014

Here are links to slide decks and other resources that we’ve received from speakers at DunDDD 2014.

  • “Is your mobile app as secure as you think” by Matt Lacey: Slide Deck
  • “Dark Data” by Prof. Mark Whitehorn: Slide Deck
  • “Exploring more Exotic Patterns in Data” by Prof. Mark Whitehorn: Slide Deck
  • “5 steps towards faster web sites and HTML5 games” by Michael Ewins: Slide Deck
  • “NewSQL – Deliverance from BASE and back to SQL and ACID” by Tony Rogerson: Slide Deck
  • “Apache Cassandra for Ops, the Dos and the Don’ts” by Duy Hai Doan: Slide Deck
  • “Mining Massive Datasets” by Aschic Mahtab: Slide Deck
  • “Why you should be using Web Components Now. And How” by Phil Leggetter: Slide Deck, GitHub Source
  • “ASP.NET 5 – The ‘New Kid on the Block'” by Christos Matskas: Slide Deck
  • “Introduction to Node.js – From Hello World to Deploying on Azure” by Colin Mackay: Slide Deck, Source Code, and References

Also Craig Murphy took some photos throughout the day: Flickr Album

DunDDD Agenda

Although we are still waiting to hear back from a few speakers, most have now confirmed that they will be speaking at DunDDD on the 29th November.

As such here is the agenda as it currently stands

Time Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
08:30 Doors Open
09:20 Welcome & Housekeeping Welcome & Housekeeping Welcome & Housekeeping Welcome & Housekeeping
09:30 Phil Leggetter – Why you should be using Web Components. And How. Ashic Mahtab – Mining Massive Datasets Matt Lacey – Is your mobile app as secure as you think? James Garner – Nintendo DS Homebrew, 2014 Edition
10:30 Break
10:45 Gary Short – Hadoop Kickstarter for Microsoft Devs Neil Hillen – HTML5 Persistence TBA Colin Angus Mackay – Introduction to node.js
11:45 Break
12:00 DuyHai Doan – Apache Cassandra for Ops, the Dos and the Don’ts TBA James Baster – Turning Open Tech Calendar into an Open Source project TBA
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Jeremy Hanna – Spark on Cassandra Steve Spencer – Migrating Azure Cloud Services to Azure Websites and Webjobs Peter Shaw – Micro Service Architectures (and why Owin & Katana are going to be game changers) John Gallagher – How can we build a better community?
15:00 Break
15:15 Rob Ashton – Lessons learned writing a database in Clojure Tony Rogerson – NewSQL – Deliverance from BASE and back to SQL and ACID Chris Hillman – Making sense of free text Irina Bednova – What happens when you type into a terminal
16:15 Break
16:30 Mark Whitehorn – Exploring More Exotic Patterns in Data Karen Elizabeth Jefferson Petrie – What is Constraint Programming and why should you care? Michael Ewins – 5 steps toward faster web sites and html5 games Andy Cobley – Introduction to Storm
17:30 Close

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Slide Deck for So Long and Thanks for All the Tests

Seb Rose has made the slides for last night’s talk available on slide share.

During the talk several books and links were mentioned here they are in order in which they appeared:

Event: So long, and thanks for all the tests (Glasgow)

Register here for Seb Rose’s talk on TDD on the 1st May.

So long, and thanks for the tests


The Talk : So long, and thanks for all the tests.

TDD has long been recommended by agile practitioners, but the community still argues about how to go about it. Inside-out or outside-in? Mockist or classical? Through a component’s public API or for every class? And then there’s Kent Beck’s famous quote: “I get paid for code that works, not for tests, so my philosophy is to test as little as possible to reach a given level of confidence.” This introduces a further level of subjectivity, especially since developers are frequently overconfident.

In this session, Seb will explore the choices that agile teams need to make when considering which development practices to adopt. He’ll look again at some of the arguments for the different approaches and urge teams to practice until you’re happy with the way you code.

The Speaker : Seb Rose

Seb Rose is an independent software developer, trainer and coach based in the UK. He specialises in working with teams adopting and refining their agile practices, with a particular focus on delivering software through the use of examples.

He first worked as a programmer in 1980 writing applications for estate agents and solicitors in compiled BASIC on an Apple II. He has worked with many mainstream technologies since then, for many well-known companies, such as Amazon, IBM, NCR, HBOS, Standard Life and Aegon. He is a regular conference speaker (ACCU, XPDay, Agile North, Developer Day Scotland, Agile on the Beach, Lean Agile Scotland) as well as a contributing author to O’Reilly’s “97 Things Every Programmer Should Know”

The Sponsor : Xedo Software

In addition to hosting the event, Xedo will also kindly be supplying Beer (as well as a selection of non-alcoholic drinks) and Pizza.

You can find Xedo Software on Facebook too.

The Agenda

18:00 : Doors open (light refreshments)

18:30 : Introduction

18:45 : So long, and thanks for all the tests

19:30 : Break (pizza / refreshments)

19:45 : So long, and thanks for all the tests (continued)

20:30 : Close

The Venue

The event will be located at Xedo Software’s new offices on West Nile Street in Glasgow.

Xedo Software, Second Floor, 45 West Nile Street, Glasgow G1 2PT.


You must register to attend. You can register here!

Event in Glasgow: Bill Wagner on Async/Await in C# 5

We’ve got another event announcement to make for a talk we’re presenting this summer. In July Bill Wagner will be talking to us on Async/Await in C# 5.

Learn current recommendations for asynchronous idioms. I’ll cover strategies for handling event handlers and void methods, async over sync methods, sync over async methods, exception strategies, API design, unit testing strategies, and programming with Task and related classes.  You’ll learn a variety of techniques that make async programming feel more familiar and easier to adopt. You’ll learn to love Task and Task<T>.

For more information and to register go here:

Sponsored by Pluralsight – Hardcore Developer Training

Pluralsight - Hardcore Developer Training