Book Club – February 2011 – The Pragmatic Programmer

In February Scottish Developers starts its book club. It will alternate between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The first book on the agenda is The Pragmatic Programmer, from Journeyman to Master.

You can now get more details and sign up for The Pragmatic Programmer in Glasgow. In March the book will be RESTful Web Services in Edinburgh – Further details to follow.

We are aiming to keep the books fairly technology independent (focussing on higher level processes and practices) in order to appeal to a wider audience. If you have any suggestions for books you’d like to see in the future then please contact us at

Announcing Scotland’s ALT.NET community

Scotland's ALT.NET Community

If you are interested in finding out about what ALT.NET means and what it can do for you a group of enthusiasts and practitioners has set up the Scot ALT.NET community that aims to promote the principles of ALT.NET.

To find out more see their website at or join their Google group at

If you want to meet them their next meeting is at the Rutland in Edinburgh on the 3rd of November.

Sign up for MSDN Flash Newsletter – win an XBox Elite

Running until the 28th November 2008, new entrances get the opportunity to put themselves forward to win an Xbox Elite console.

To win you need to sign up to receive the MSDN Flash newsletter.


Hello, and welcome to Scottish Developers new website. At the time of writing this we’re not ready to go just yet, so if you’ve stumbled across us while the old site is still live then we urge you to come back in a few days when we’ll be ready. We expect to have everything up and running before the 10th October 2008 and the URL of the old site will then point to this new site.