Scott Hansleman – Scotland Tour

Scottish Developers in partnership with Aberdeen .NET Developers User Group are proud to announce that Microsoft’s very own Scott Hanselman, a Principal Program Manager and highly-active community developer, will be speaking at 4 events across Scotland in July. Scott will be speaking in Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and Glasgow between the 9th and 13th of July.

All of the talks are free however we do request that you register if you wish to attend so we can ensure we avoid any issues with capacity at the venues.

Monday 9th July, Edinburgh

Mobile Web

Mobile traffic on the web is exploding. Are you ready? ASP.NET MVC 4 includes new mobile-friendly templates, a focus on responsive design as well as dedicated mobile templates that leverage jQuery and jQuery mobile.

Scott Hanselman will show you what you can do today and tomorrow to make your site friendly on a mobile device. When should your mobile site become a mobile application? Should you use CSS3 media queries, or go “all in” and use jQuery mobile or another mobile framework?

Tuesday 10th July, Dundee


As developers, we are asked to absorb even more information than ever before. More APIs, more documentation, more patterns, more layers of abstraction. Now Twitter and Facebook compete with Email and Texts for our attention, keeping us up-to-date on our friends dietary details and movie attendance second-by-second.

Does all this information take a toll on your psyche or sharpen the saw? Is it a matter of finding the right tools and filters to capture what you need, or do you just need to unplug. Is ZEB (zero email bounce) a myth or are there substantive techniques for prioritizing your live as a developer?

Join Scott Hanselman as we explore this topic…perhaps we’ll crowd-source the answers!

Thursday 12th July, Aberdeen AND Friday 13th July, Glasgow

One ASP.NET (super everything talk)

It’s an exciting time for ASP.NET and Open Source.

What does the next version of Visual Studio and ASP.NET bring to the world of web development? How will you use HTML5, CSS3 and new advances in JavaScript with ASP.NET? There’s new advances in ASP.NET with the addition of realtime (Signalr), new features in WebForms as well as support for mobile. How will it all snap together in a way that makes sense?

Join Scott Hanselman as he shares some internal documents and exciting surprises about the future of ASP.NET. What about Azure? We’ll talk about the world’s most misunderstood cloud and what it means for developers of all flavors and persuasions.

Scottish Developers would like to thank Gary Park of Aberdeen .NET Developers User Group for working with Scott to make these events possible.


This event would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors, Microsoft and Enigma People Solutions.


Enigma People Solutions


Junior Designer/Developer position in Stonehaven (Aberdeenshire)

We have received the following job posting from Web Integrations Ltd.

Junior Designer/Developer

Web Integrations is currently searching for an exceptionally talented and enthusiastic junior designer/developer who is passionate about the latest web technologies.

You’ll work closely with our design and development team, working on a range of exciting projects while being given the opportunity to learn a variety of disciplines in the process. You’ll often have to liase with clients, so great communication skills at all times are a must.

This full-time post is a fantastic opportunity to build a career in an exciting and rapidly growing industry.

Your responsibilities will be

  • to assist the team with the design and development of websites and applications
  • to support and maintain websites and applicatons
  • to communicate with clients regularly

You will

  • be ambitious, self-motivated and passionate about web technologies
  • be familiar with the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash)
  • have some level of working knowledge of front-end technologies (HTML/CSS/Javascript), back-end technologies (PHP, MYSQL, .NET) and web standards
  • have a portfolio or project to show us relevant to the post
  • have excellent communication skills

Advantageous: familiarity/experience with Linux/Unix systems, strong numerical skills, working experience of content management systems, experience with mobile web/app development, an understanding of search engine optimisation principles.



2 Market Square
AB39 2BT