Event: SQL Server User Goup meeting in Edinburgh

This just in from the SQL Server User Group:

Tony Rogerson SQL Server MVP, http://sqlblogcasts.com/blogs/tonyrogerson

Implementing Heirarchies

In this session Tony will show a number of techniques for implementing hierarchies using relational methods with T-SQL, non-relational methods will also be reviewed specifically XML and HierarchyId. Aggregation problems will also be discussed as well as dealling with multiple hierarchies.

Tony Rogerson has been working as a developer/database professional since 1986 working mainly with DB2, since 1993 he has worked with Microsoft SQL Server. He went freelance in 1997.

Allan Mitchell, SQL Server MVP http://sqlis.com/sqlis


StreamInsight is Microsoft’s first foray into the world of Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Event Stream Processing (ESP).  In this session I want to show an introduction to this technology.  I will show how and why it is useful.  I will get us used to some new terminology but best of all I will show just how easy it is to start building your first CEP/ESP application.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday 7th October at Microsoft’s offices in Edinburgh. More details here: http://sqlserverfaq.com/events/227/Implementing-Hierarchies-using-TSQL-and-the-HierarchyId-type-and-understanding-aggregation-problems-Tony-Rogerson-Complex-Event-Processing-StreamInsight-Allan-Mitchell.aspx


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