Java software developer at ESRI

If you are interested in working for ESRI, they have a position open for a Java developer at the moment.

Java Software Developer

We are looking to recruit an experienced Java Software Developer to work on core ESRI software products. The Software Developer role is responsible for creating and maintaining the source code of a software product, and also contributes to the design and direction of future releases. This is an excellent opportunity for enthusiastic and resourceful individuals with strong programming skills.  The successful applicant will have:

· B.Sc., M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, GIS, or a related field

· 3+ Years Java experience , deep knowledge of Swing and/or SWT is an advantage

· Enjoy working with a team, taking responsibility and mentoring others.

In addition, experience with GIS systems, particularly Esri products, is an advantage.

If you are interested in exploring the above opportunity in more depth, please email (preferably) or write to us, enclosing your CV and details of your availability (both for interview and for job commencement, if successful) and your current and expected salary.

Applications should be marked ‘Private and confidential’ and submitted to:

HR Department (Email:

Closing Date: 29th July 2011


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