Social Innovation Camp comes to Scotland this weekend

Social Innovation Camp LogoOne of the sessions on the Alternative track at DDD Scotland this year was from Glen Mehn and he spoke about Social Innovation Camp which will be invading the nation’s capital this coming weekend (June 17th – 19th).

From 7pm, Friday 17th June to 4pm, Sunday 29th June 2011, at the Informatics Ventures Forum in Edinburgh, we’re bringing together some of the best of the UK’s software developers and designers with those at the sharp end of social problems.

They’ll have just 48 hours to build web-based solutions to a set of social problems – from back-of-the-envelope idea to working prototype, complete with software.

One of the ideas we’ll be helping to develop over the weekend will be a project called Volunteer Impact – inspired by the happiness-tracking app, Mappiness, this is a tool for volunteers to self-measure the impact volunteering has on their personal well-being.

If you’re interested, sign up here:

It is shaping up to be a cracking event so if you are interested and have the time to spare, get yourself signed up!


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