Event: A Quantum of Computing with Dave McMahon [BCS Edinburgh]

UK Community speaker and SharePoint MVP Dave McMahon will be delivering a talk on Quantum Computing in Edinburgh on Wednesday 13th July.

Dave McMahon provides his own look into the far future with a brief resume of the world of Quantum Computing. Sounds too Sci-Fi? Too Fantastic? Maybe, but people are today seriously researching Quantum Computing and Quantum Computing Devices. Some companies claim to have already created them, others refute the claims, and the reasons why there is some controversy will be covered in this session. It’ll be fun, mind-blowing and you get a glimpse of what could be in store for us in the coming years and why the future of Search may be in harnessing the power of the sub-atomic and why SSL’s future prospects may not be so rosy …

Room 4.31 (fourth floor), University of Edinburgh Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB.

For more details on this event please see http://www.edinburgh.bcs.org/events/2010-11/110713.htm


2 Responses to Event: A Quantum of Computing with Dave McMahon [BCS Edinburgh]

  1. Andy T says:

    Can I just turn up for this? Or is there registration or membership required?

  2. Andy Gibson says:

    BCS events are “just rock up” events unless they state otherwise so yes, you should be able to just turn up.

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